Office of the Assistant Secretary of Health (OASH)

Client Needs

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Office of the Assistant Secretary of Health (OASH) initially tasked LinkVisum to deliver a high-level assessment for the Path Forward project. The objective of the assessment was to understand the organization’s needs and provide initial insight into process and organizational gaps. As a result of the high-level assessment recommendations, LinkVisum was engaged to provide process improvement strategy and recommendations, organizational review and recommendations, a communications plan, and executive and career coaching.

Our Approach

High-Level Assessment: The LinkVisum team leveraged its proprietary tools and depth of experience to conduct a high-level assessment. Through focus groups with staff and a series of interviews with the organization’s leadership to understand their needs and gain insight into the organization’s gaps, the team uncovered the organization’s strengths as well as systemic issues. As a result, LinkVisum proposed a plan of action to address the organization’s challenges and was subsequently engaged to implement the assessment recommendations for the follow-on tasks for OASH’s Executive Office.

Process Improvement Plan:  Using a systematic approach that included process walk-throughs to discuss processes, roles and responsibilities, pain points, etc.; process validation sessions; and senior leadership reviews for each process; the team developed detailed standard operating procedures (SOPs) and quick-reference SOPs. The step-by-step SOPs provided the details that the process owners and stakeholders intimately involved with the processes required to ensure consistency in each process.

Organizational Review:  LinkVisum examined the current OASH Executive Office organization to determine whether the strategy and performance, roles and responsibilities, processes and tools, and stakeholder objectives adequately support the organization’s goals. The team provided key strengths, key challenges, and recommendations. We also documented organization charts for each of the Executive Office units.

Communications Plan: The LinkVisum team immediately established a plan to identify and communicate regularly with key stakeholders.

Executive and Career Coaching: Our certified Executive Coaches provided coaching for OASH executives, the management team, and select staff as directed by project sponsors and the COR.


  • Operational efficiencies: seamless coordination and support
  • Organizational awareness: clearly defined roles and responsibilities
  • Communication plan: real-time access to key information needed by key stakeholders

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