Program Support Center (PSC)

Client Needs

As part of the “Improve Employee Engagement Project” initiated by the Behavioral Health Services (BHS) Organizational Development and Leadership (ODL) team, the Program Support Center (PSC) conceptualized a webinar series as a component of the larger, organization-wide, Workforce Engagement Program. The scope of work consisted of two employee- and organization-centric training tasks designed to provide the support and tools to transform the way PSC thinks and works, while also embracing their values. The objective for Task #1 – Employee Training involved providing PSC federal staff at various locations the tools and training to assist with career path development and advancement. The objective for Task #2 – Management Training focused on facilitating a complete understanding of what leadership and engagement entails to all levels of PSC management to gain full leadership support of this project and the PSC Workforce Development Initiative.

Our Approach

LinkVisum partnered with PSC to launch a brand new employee training series at the staff and management and leadership levels. Our team identified the delivery vehicle for the workshops and webinars to provide the opportunity for all PSC staff located around the country to participate and to allow for live participation by local PSC employees. Each instructor-led training of the employee and management series was hosted both in-person at PSC headquarters (HQ) and virtually via the GoToWebinar platform. Our team led the design, development, and facilitation of live, in-person, and virtual training on 10 employee engagement training topics in total—with six staff training topics targeting up to 433 PSC staff and four training topics with an audience of up to 89 Managers and 17 Directors and Service Directors. In addition, LinkVisum managed the logistics coordination, created and established an accompanying communications plan and evaluation strategy, and developed job aids, workbooks, surveys, and class exercises to address key learning objectives and meet Section 508 compliance requirements.

At the individual level, the structure of the training series intended to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Empower PSC staff by providing tools to take control and manage their careers
  • Offer a more meaningful perspective of work and alignment to PSC mission and values
  • Create an environment where PSC employees can communicate ideas to supervisors, colleagues, and executives to improve the organization
  • Develop and strengthen PSC staff leadership skills


LinkVisum was a major contributor to the PSC organization-wide effort to increase their annual Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS) results. The comparison of the 2017 FEVS survey results to the 2016 data demonstrate increases in the following FEVS-based indices:

  • Global Satisfaction Index,
  • +30% Effective Communication Index,
  • +12% Employee Engagement Index,
  • +12% Belief in Action Index, +21%.

Evaluation survey data from training attendees reflects a positive shift towards PSC’s investment in its employees’ professional future and current leadership qualities and opportunities for improvement. Feedback suggests the value of the training goes beyond just the surface—providing an open forum to discuss and share ideas through exercises and facilitator-led discussions. Employees, specifically at the management and leadership levels, viewed the training as an opportunity to learn from each other, network, and collaborate with others across the organization.

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