Procurement Systems Division (PSD)

Client Needs

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Procurement Systems Division (PSD) oversees the Integrated Acquisition System (IAS), a USDA-wide automated procurement application. The IAS interfaces with USDA’s financial system and documents the full spending cycle that processes billions of transactions a year. PSD also manages the Charge Card Service Center (CCSC), a group that supports fleet and purchase card participants from agencies throughout USDA. As part of its operations, PSD required a diverse mixture of program support, to include program management; independent verification and validation (IV&V) for all aspects of IAS’s system development lifecycle; Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular A-123 audit support; website development and support for the IAS; and oversight, outreach, and training for the CCSC.

Taking over from an incumbent with a larger staff, LinkVisum leveraged technology and innovation to efficiently manage the day-to-day program operations within PSD while delivering on requested program changes. LinkVisum utilized subject-matter expertise to support the development and maintenance of effective internal controls as required by OMB Circular A-123 and to provide capital planning and investment control (CPIC) support in compliance with OMB and USDA Chief Information Officer (CIO) requirements, including Exhibit 53 and Exhibit 300. Additionally, LinkVisum developed and implemented a program-wide risk management solution to ensure timely monitoring, evaluation, and resolution of risks and issues.

Our Approach

Within the IAS space, LinkVisum tested the system to ensure implementation of error-free code. Going beyond routine maintenance, LinkVisum transformed the IAS Website, enhancing the presentation of information to users with new features such as dynamic IAS system alerts, streamlined navigation bars, and expanded Google analytics tracking.

Within the CCSC space, LinkVisum automated and streamlined a variety of processes, facilitated trainings and meetings, and developed and delivered e-training to program participants.


LinkVisum became a trusted team member, assisting PSD in continually meeting its mission of maintaining and enhancing the IAS and CCSC. Some highlights from the program:

  • Trained and tracked more than 18,000 CCSC program participants
  • Automated the Government Purchase Card (GPC) request and approval process
  • Successfully passed yearly OMB Circular A-123 audits
  • Supported all phases of IAS quality assurance and user acceptance testing
  • Streamlined communications with the IAS community through e-mail templates, automated website alerts, and calendar updates

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