Human Capital Strategy

Strategic Human Capital Planning

LinkVisum collaborates with our clients to tailor human capital strategies that accomplish organizational missions, goals, and objectives. We facilitate an iterative process to define each and align them with the clients’ business strategies and desired outcomes. Using this information, we develop strategies and tactics to identify associated activities, milestones, and performance metrics in support of the overarching human capital mission.    

Change Management

Our certified change management professionals use a prepare/manage/reinforce framework to engage stakeholders at the individual, organizational, and leadership levels across the organization. This integrated approach not only encourages stakeholders to take ownership of the change but ultimately helps them accept and adopt the change, while seamlessly incorporating it into the organizational culture.

Organizational Assessment

LinkVisum assesses clients’ organizations to identify gaps and opportunities, develop customized solutions, and drive enhanced operational effectiveness and efficiency. Leveraging client leadership vision, mission requirements, and existing documentation, we develop a tailored a systematic approach to assessing the desired area, whether it be structure or staffing, workforce culture and morale, process effectiveness, workload, or other human capital functions. We use tools such as surveys, interviews, and focus groups to collect information and gain perspective from staff and stakeholders.  

Performance Culture

Performance Management and Employee Engagement

The 2017 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS) lists the government-wide employee engagement index as 67% favorable – the highest rating since 2011. While this index has been trending modestly upward, several agencies have shown that it’s possible to make far more dramatic improvements in their levels of employee engagement. LinkVisum uses a root-cause methodology to help clients pinpoint specific areas of opportunity and then develops targeted action improvement plans that result in measurable changes.

The model for maximizing employee performance is undergoing significant change. Rigorous performance expectations, tightly aligned with an organization’s work unit requirements, are replacing ineffective performance plans and infrequent performance feedback. LinkVisum helps organizations create a new employee experience to help facilitate this shift, including the adoption of coach-like behaviors by managers and supervisors to engage employees in innovative ways that contribute to improved performance.  

Diversity and Inclusion

Modern business thrives on the many contributions of a diverse population, illustrating that inclusion is present when we leverage the benefits of our differences and not become divided by them. Today’s government organizations can better understand and meet the needs of their workforces when they reflect this full diversity. To this end, LinkVisum partners with clients to advance the goals of the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) 2016 Governmentwide Inclusive Diversity Strategic Plan. Here, we focus on a data-driven approach to diversity and inclusion as a smarter and measurably effective way of engaging leadership and employees.

Talent Management

Workforce Planning and Succession Planning

LinkVisum understands how important it is to have the right people in the right place at the right time. We use a multi-dimensional approach to integrate our clients’ talent management frameworks, identifying drivers, and forecasting requirements, while building and sustaining the workforce to meet the future mission. As part of the process, we take the following measures to ultimately develop and implement workforce strategies that support the mission:

  • translate business strategy into human capital needs
  • identify mission-critical occupations as well as talent gaps
  • analyze workforce demographic and trend data
  • assess workforce supply and demand (including current and future staffing, skills and competencies) and workload
  • identify critical positions, potential successors, and supporting successors through a sound succession management approach.


Talent recruitment and outreach is a collaborative and dynamic process. It establishes the starting point for onboarding new employees in the quest to foster an open, supportive organizational culture. As such, it requires a holistic approach. LinkVisum helps clients assess and manage the entire process, from posting and sourcing to interviewing and reporting. We work with clients to clearly define position requirements and target a network of diverse talent. We set up models to effectively identify candidates with unique skills and experience who can bring fresh perspectives and ideas to the workplace and challenge the status quo. We assess the fit for both the organization and the candidate to create a foundation conducive for individual and organizational growth.

Training Curriculum and Development

LinkVisum has in-depth experience in developing training programs for federal agencies. Our expertise includes reviewing clients’ current training curricula, making recommendations for the overall process, and developing and delivering new courses.

We are a full-service training design and implementation provider with proven capabilities in designing customized learning solutions, as well as building on existing training programs or programs we’ve developed for other clients to meet and deliver high-quality, targeted materials. Our facilitators and training consultants are not only skilled in training and adult-learning best practices, tools, and solutions, but also bring business knowledge that is essential to the success of your mission.

In addition to best-in-class instructor-led training (ILT), we design blended solutions that incorporate new technology, such as eLearning courses across all four levels of interactivity: passive learning, limited participation, complex participation, and real-time participation.


Our success with coaching comes from taking a solution-focused approach with our clients. We work with each client as an individual, bringing our extensive coaching experience and deep understanding of human behavior to relate to and guide each person to a higher level of self-awareness.

Our approach challenges a client to understand how current thoughts and behavior patterns may serve immediate goals, but may in fact hinder progress in achieving more self-fulfilling goals. LinkVisum helps clients identify and set meaningful goals, and supports them as they work through the steps required to reach those goals.


Business Analytics

Human capital analytics is entering a golden age that is enabled by increasingly sophisticated HR information systems. The challenge is to move beyond traditional activity-based metrics to outcome-based measures that better support data-driven decision-making – a key goal of the new OPM HRstat process. LinkVisum helps agencies develop the next generation of business analytics that measure the impact and progress of human capital goals to support the achievement of their strategic goals.

Let us know how we can help you achieve your goals and fulfill your mission.