Technology Alignment

We apply our IT expertise and work closely with our clients in devising strategies that scale and flex with their evolving business needs and overall mission. Our consultants assess gaps between our clients’ business objectives and their technology infrastructure by providing sound future state recommendations.

Technical Execution

There are always multipletechnologies and products to address a particular issue or fulfill a business need. While many options lead to similar results, LinkVisum applies proven standards and best practices towards analyses, task execution, and delivery of work products to ensure the most impactful and measurable results. Whether establishing a data repository, implementing data visualization tools, or deploying robotic process automation, our team provides the ability to execute deliverables while addressing changing conditions consistently.


We provide organizational governance expertise and provide a framework for how IT strategy must always align with and support an organization’s business objectives. We also work to clearly define and implement a path to reduce governance process complexity and ensure processes that provide measurable results.

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