Department of Justice

LinkVisum provided an array of services to support the DOJ Community Relations Service (CRS) in the areas of Strategic Planning, Communications, Training, and Hate Crimes Department-wide initiatives.

Small Business Administration

LinkVisum performed an in-depth, programmatic assessment of, and organized our team around, the GCBD small business set-aside programs for the SBA.

Health Resources and Services Administration

HRSA engaged LinkVisum to perform an organizational assessment, provide recommendations, and support implementation of resulting efforts and initiatives.

Department of Transportation

The client sought a contractor to facilitate strategic planning and conduct analysis to drive focus, improve operations, and guide its components and approximately 300 staff members in defining shared goals and providing excellent customer service.

Federal Occupational Health

As part of the “Improve Employee Engagement Project” initiated by the Behavioral Health Services (BHS) Organizational Development and Leadership (ODL) team, the Program Support Center (PSC) conceptualized a webinar series as a component of the larger, organization-wide, Workforce Engagement Program.

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